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Welcome to my website where you will find a information that will hopefully help guide your way to becoming an expert on yourself and lead to a more meaningful life.  

I have experience helping people learn skills and tools to make them the expert for themselves.  I help couples understand each other, resolve conflicts, improve communication, experience emotional intimacy, manage conflict well, use conflict to their advantage, and find specific behaviors that lead to a healthy relationship. 

I also help people help people struggling with anxiety and depression, helping them find practice and healthy ways to think and cope.
I can also help people struggling with infidelity, unhealthy pornography use and  compulsive sexual behavior.
I invite you to take some time to learn more about me, read my written and video material.  Feel free to look over policies, rates and forms by clicking the tab above or contact me by email or phone.

You can also get to know more about Clint by clicking on the links!

What is counseling with Clint like? What should I can I expect to when we meet? It will be more of a conversation, a dialogue, about life, pain, uncertainty, hardworking and modeling how vulnerability and connection look and feels. It is a process of taking one action after another, stringing together a series of actions, whether perfect or not, that moves us forward. It may be challenging because it requires a willingness to look at ourselves honestly, and the willingness to take feedback and see it as constructive, helpful, and a push towards growth. 

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