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Office Hours and Service Fees:

I schedule appointments weekdays between 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. three days a week, and 8am to 3pm two days a week for a fee of $120.00 per 50 minutes session. This is my schedule as I value my family and myself.  It is what I encourage my clients to do also.

I accept cash, check or credit card.  All fees are paid at the time of service. I do provide services under insurance or managed care plans.  Those include BCBS, Cigna, UMR, Aetna and United Healthcare. You may also be able to access benefits through an EAP plan your workplace may provide through the human resource department.  
Appointment Cancellation:

The fee for missing an appointment or cancelling with less than 24 hours notice is $50. Even if you cannot give me 24 hours notice, contact me anyway – I will not charge you if I can fill your time slot with another client.

Electronically-sent written communication is considered part of your confidential clinical record.

I keep a modest clinical record that includes information from our sessions. You may see this record if you like.


I will not release information that identifies you to anyone without your written permission. Exceptions include:

I will release information necessary to warn or protect a person in imminent danger of being physically harmed.  I will release to a court of law information required by court order.
I will inform the Department of Family and Children Services about the possibility that a minor is being abused or neglected.  I may consult with a colleague about your case without sharing information that identifies you personally. I may also need to provide identifying information about you to colleague if you agree for that person to provide services to you when I am not available.

I want to treat you in a ethical and respectful manner. I have a responsibility to inform you of any significant aspects of my services to you.  I will talk openly about any questions or concerns you have.  You are learning to be an expert on yourself and are free to make your own decisions about the issues we discuss. 

There are no guarantees that any or all of your problems will be solved by counseling. There could be increased stress, strained relationships, or other difficulties as a result of counseling. Sometimes counseling requires the sharing of painful feelings and thoughts. Anxiety may get worse as we work on ourselves.  For couples, there is no guarantee that therapy will keep your relationship together.  
 My approach is optimistic and hopeful. I don't play "judge or jury" or take sides. If you are looking for problem solving, there may be something that has not been tried that could be helpful, even if you have been to counseling before.

You can stop seeing me at any time, with no obligation to me other than to pay for services that have already been rendered and to give me notice of a decision to cancel an appointment as discussed above. You are free to schedule as you like, depending on your particular situation and needs. I leave it up to you to contact me to request an appointment. I generally don't call or write to follow up with you unless you ask this of me. 

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